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Trade your Books @ GLOBOsapien’s!

How does it work? Simple!

Be sure to read this whole page to save yourself the time and trouble of bringing in items that are not accepted.

Bring your gently used books to the Store anytime and have them inspected while you wait

Receive your offer in TRADE (store credit).

Take back the items we can’t take

That’s all there is to it!

We accept CD Audio Books and Books of all shapes, sizes and subjects.

We prefer paperbacks and rarely take hard cover if they come in softcover ie: popular novels, HOWEVER! (We will take them in non-fiction, some young adult, new release or special request)


ALL BOOKS MUST be GENTLY USED and in GOOD CONDITION relative to their age.




How We Decide What To Take?

We are very selective about the condition and only take books that are marketable and needed in our stock, as we always want to bring our customers the very best as we reinvent our stock with new inventory.
If we don’t have the readership for a book we won’t take it in.



Hard Cover common books 

Ex-Library Books


Reader’s Digest Condensed Books

Computer Manuals/Textbooks


Older Travel/Restaurant Guides or other Books that come out with New Editions every year.

That have EVER been WET or MOULDY

From SMOKING households (must smell smoke free)

Without original COVER or Dust Jacket



- No torn or grimy covers 
- No smelly or hairy books

Self-help Books in any genre must be within 5-7 yrs to keep them up to date.


About your Trade Credit

We don’t track the credit in the store, once it is issued to you on a card, we have no record of it, Please hang onto the card. If you lose it,  you're SOL!


When using your credit it is a fifty / fifty policy. That means that you can use your credit towards fifty percent of your purchase and the other fifty percent comes out of your pocket(cash).

Example 1: If you have $10 in trade and want to use it all, you would need to spend $20 in the store.

Example 2: If your total purchase in the store is $42, you can use $21 of your trade credit-%50  but the other portion of the total must be paid for in cash.

Every Transaction will be a CASH transaction.  I have to pay the Bills!


Buy Policy

We rarely pay cash for books but there can be exceptions:

- Books that are in demand from our customers.

Example: Certain Sci-fi/Fantasy, classics, Award Winners, Graphic novels, New Release etc.

- Books that are not part of our normal inventory. These would be books that are more eclectic, on      unusual topics or that are a little harder to find. Contact us to tell us what you have.

What we are willing to pay for fluctuates based on demand/inventory/condition.

We Can Come To You

If you have a large quantity of books that you would like us to assess for credit or purchase, we can   make a home visit at an agreed upon time. Just contact the store and hopefully we can accommodate you based on the number of books you have and the location of your residence.


Some of your books don’t make the cut?

NOTE: We are only Accepting Books that can actually be put on the shelves or donated directly.  Remember if you can't sell it at a yard sale because it's dated, irrelevant to today etc.  Chances are we don't want it.  Either recycle the dated, irrelevant etc.. and bring the rest to a thrift store.  No sense in double moving.

Any books we don't use are donated to the Friends of the Public Library, seniors homes, shelters, Dufferin/Elwick Schools and the Knowles Center.  Also some are sent to Northern Communities. 

Please let us know if you would like to donate your books or if you’d like them returned to you.

If you rather take your books home than donate them, we ask for you to wait for us to finish before you leave.


The store policy:

If you leave books to be picked up later, we'll donate them at closing that day. 

Sorry, but we just don’t have the room.


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