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We know giving feels good, we also believe that no book should be abandoned. 

Please only Bring 1 bag or box per visit, so we are not overwhelmed.


We Have No Storage and it sucks to double move stuff.  Look under the buy sell trade page for books we DON'T want.  Bring those direct to another place of your choice.

Thanks for understanding.



We Want to Help you Escape the Drama of the World Today. 

I'm Assuming you're Grown Ass Adults and I don't have to tell you:

  • Wash your Hands

  • Sneeze cough in your arm

  • Don't Come in the Shop if your Sick

(I Don't Want to Get Sick!)


 And I'm Not Putting Sticky Tape on the Floor to Tell you How to Mind Your Distance!


Welcome and Good Tour to GLOBOsapiens!



Unbeatable Bargains

All transactions are 


Sorry no credit or debit

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